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Dec 13, 2017

In this edition of Fresh Hope for Mental Health, Pastor Brad interviews Ms. Candace Hoyt-Gregory, C.E.O. of the Open Door Mission in Omaha, Nebraska.  Candice gives helpful insight into mental health issues that the homeless face as well as just the compassion and mercy that is needed when ministering to hurting, hopeless and homeless people.

This interview is very insightful for the Church at large and caregivers regarding hopelessness.  But, there’s a LOT of encouragement also for those who are hurting and feeling hopeless.  No matter where you are “at” today, you’ll get a lot from this interview.

Candace Gregory is President/CEO of Open Door Mission in Omaha, Nebraska. Since joining the Mission as a case manager in 1995, Ms. Gregory has also served as Director of Family Ministries, Director of Lydia House and Family Ministries, and Chief Operating Officer.

Born and raised in New Brunswick, Canada, Candace is a graduate of Lower Coverdale Christian Academy, Bethany Bible College, New Brunswick Community College, and Grace University with a degree in Human Development and Family Studies. In 2004, Candace received an honorary doctorate from Clarkson College of Sciences in Humanitarian Services Prior to her entry in the social service and family ministry profession, Candace was a successful businesswoman who launched and managed family-owned pizza restaurants in Canada. She is a devoted wife and mother, residing in Iowa with her husband Steve and their four children.

Ms. Gregory has more than 20 years of experience in children and family ministries. She has become a noted national advocate for the homeless and is sought out for her experience in implementing community prevention programs that help end the cycle of homelessness and poverty.  Ms. Gregory is a seasoned community relations builder, having acquired partnerships with Omaha businesses and service organizations.

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