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Fresh Hope for Mental Health is the official podcast of 

Pastor Brad Hoefs is the host for the program.  

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Aug 26, 2014

In this edition of Fresh Hope Today Pastor Brad, host of Fresh Hope Today, offers his theory as to how hopelessness happens when someone has a mental health diagnosis.  He believes that it is directly connected to lack of self-confidence which comes about with presistent mental health challenge.  He offers solid...

Aug 18, 2014

Too often we say things like, "I am___________."  (Fill in the blank with your diagnosis e.g., "I'm bipolar.") Instead we should say, “I've been diagnosed with _______.” We who have a mental health diagnosis need to understand that we
are NOT the sum total of our mental health diagnosis, rather saying that we have...

Aug 13, 2014

While the journey of mental health recovery varies from person to person there do some to be some key principles that are primary to most all paths to successful recovery.

In this episode of Fresh Hope Today Pastor Brad, who has bipolar disorder, shares the key Christian mental health principles that he has found to be...

Aug 3, 2014

Fresh Hope Today with host Pastor Brad Hoefs,  is a podcast which empowers people to live a full and rich life in spite of a mental health diagnosis from a Christian perspective.

In this episode of Fresh Hope Today, Pastor Brad interviews a young woman who has bipolar disorder who has struggled with complete...