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Sep 8, 2014

Sarah is a wife, mommy and has bipolar disorder; finding a place of sustained recovery was extremely important. And Sarah journey has led her to a place of sustained recovery (she got off of the bipolar roller coaster).  She has bipolar II and was initially diagnosed with depression; as bipolar II disorder is many times missed by care providers. 

Sarah's story reminds us that it is important if you have been diagnosed with depression and you continue to struggle with depression even after being treated for it; you might want to ask your caregiver about the possibility of bipolar II disorder.

Sarah’s story is great encouragement to any one is looking to find sustained recovery even as they are a mommy and wife.  Sarah made some mistakes a long the way with not taking her medicine but has ended up being at a point in her recovery that she is managing all things well.  For the most part, she enjoys life as she once had before the issue with her mental health issues began. 

Pastor Brad Hoefs, host of Fresh Hope Today, is the founder of Fresh Hope Ministries, a network of Christian mental health support groups for those who have a diagnosis and their loved ones. In other words, Fresh Hope is a Christian mental health support group.

Brad was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1995. He is a weekly blogger for (Bipolar Magazine). He is also a certified peer specialist and has been doing pastoral counseling since 1985.

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