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Fresh Hope for Mental Health is the official podcast of 

Pastor Brad Hoefs is the host for the program.  

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Mar 14, 2024

In this episode of the Fresh Hope for Mental Health podcast, Pastor Brad sits down with special guests Mark and Janet Soppitt, who bravely share their journey through a 7-year depression that nearly cost them everything, including Mark's life. Through their unwavering faith and resilience, they emerged from the darkness, rebuilt their lives, and now serve as trauma healing facilitators with the Canadian Bible Society. Mark's album "Take My Life and Let It Be" reflects their journey, while their vision for a life coaching business aims to support ministry couples in crisis.

Join us as we glean insights into overcoming adversity and finding restoration through faith. Don't forget to share this episode with friends on social media and explore more resources available at Fresh Hope ( Tune in to additional episodes on our website: